A big welcome to anyone who is new to the Tadcrafters and is interested in finding something new to do or wants to help to “make a difference.”
At Tadcrafters, it is usual for us give out supplies to people (for free) so that they can join in our projects and return the things they make for us to distribute to worthy causes. If you decide that you want to keep what you have made or you want supplies for your own projects that’s absolutely fine but we appreciate a donation, at some point.
At the moment, people are in greater need of having something useful to do. We have managed to link up with local volunteers who have kindly offered to deliver our supplies to any member of north Selby District community who would like some. So if you would like to have a go at any of our activities or just need some crafty supplies just get in touch, by email.
To see the range of worthy causes where our finished items normally go, and the difference that they make, please see the “What we do” page on our website. There’s no hurry to produce lots of items as hospitals etc. do not want any deliveries at the moment. We much prefer quality over quantity.
(Almost) everything that comes from our stocks has been donated. This means that the quality, quantity, size and design will therefore be varied but we can give out supplies for each of these projects for free. We appreciate that many people’s financial circumstances are difficult at the moment. If you would like to support us on a “Pay As You Feel” basis, either now or sometime in the future, it would be very much appreciated. You can do this on the Local Giving website which can be found at: https://localgiving.org/tadcrafters
Have a look at the project ideas below and see which interests you. If you need any supplies send an email to tadcrafters@outlook.com with your requirements and where to deliver them. We can arrange delivery to the north of Selby District through the Tadcaster Volunteer Car Service Association:
Knitting, sewing and other craft activities can be very relaxing and therapeutic. They are excellent mindfulness techniques that have been used for many centuries. Use the extra time you currently have to make the most of these skills. Look upon it as an investment for the future. Look after yourself.

Tadcaster community patchwork/ wall hanging

We want to create a community wall hanging that reflects all the different people in our community. Everyone can design and create their own 15cm/6” square with an image that represents themselves; this could be either a symbol (eg a football) or an image (eg a ballet dancer)
You will need:
• 15cm x 15cm (6” x6”) medium weight fabric (e.g. for trousers/jacket)
• Small pieces of light weight fabric (eg for a shirt, or bed sheet)
• Sewing needle and thread
• Scrap paper
• Scissors
• Ruler and pencil
We can supply fabric, thread, buttons, beads etc and a needle if required but this is possibly something you could do without anything from us.
Please email for full instructions and inspiration.
• This is a hand or machine sewing project
• Later in the year we will collect all the squares that have been created and sew them all together to make a wall hanging to represent the people of Tadcaster in 2020

Face Masks

These masks are not a substitute for medical grade masks but provide some protection against passing on bodily fluids from the wearer’s mouth and nose if worn correctly. Because we are unable to raise funds on our tombola stalls this year we are asking people to make them to help raise funds so we can continue to offer our services for free. All materials can be supplied.  Finished masks will be available at The Barn for a suggested donation of £3 payable in cash or online to our Local Giving page: https://localgiving.org/charity/tadcrafters/
You will need:
• 1 x Flannel (winceyette/ fluffy sheet/pyjamas) 11.5 x18cm (4.5 x7”)
• 2 x Poly/cotton 18 x13cm (7x 9”)
• 2 x Elastic 1/8” x 7” (NB we cannot supply elastic. You could use 4 x 30cm (12”) lengths of ribbon or tape and tie together at the back of the head as an alternative)
• Thread
• Pins, scissors, iron, sewing machine (or you could give it a go by hand)
Email for a written summary of the instructions of the video below from Billette’s Baubles:


Community Cupboards and Shelves

Community shelves and cupboards allow people in local areas to share plants, surplus veg or anything else they like. We received a very positive response when we asked if people would be interested in having one. We are unable to supply equipment for woodworking at home but if you are able to  make some shelves or cupboards we can try to help get donations of wood to you and we will put you in touch with someone who wants one. Please share your makes on our Facebook group chat so we can all enjoy them.

Instructions on this you tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKu4ss5YoTk

IMG_1946 (4)




2020-02Educate the kids

Drawstring Bags for YorKits

We are no longer making uniform wash bags but the design for them is very similar to the those we make for YorKits to contain washable feminine hygiene kits. These are taken to girls and women in developing countries so they can go to school when they are on their period and become financially independent.
You will need:
• 28cm (11”) x 69cm (27”) lightweight polyester/cotton or 100% cotton
fabric (bed sheet weight) in dark colours. NB patterns must not contain any images of people, animals, or insects due to cultural sensitivities.
• 2x100cm (40”) ribbon or thin cord
• Matching thread
• Sewing machine, scissors, and tape measure.
We can supply fabric, ribbon and thread but this is possibly something you could do without anything from us.
Please email for instructions.
• Suitable for people with basic sewing abilities and above
• There is no deadline for this project, please hang on to what you make until the drop-in sessions start again at The Barn, or you might like to join the YorKits sessions on Saturday mornings in Copmanthorpe when they start again.





You will need:
• knitting yarn (any colour, thickness, varying lengths),
• Knitting needles (any medium size)
• Big buttons, ribbon, big beads etc
We can supply everything if required
Follow this link for the instructions:
• This is a knitting project
• Good for beginners as it can be made with basic stitches only and any faults can be easily covered up.
• Good for experienced knitters who can be creative with colours, textures and decoration.
• Great for using up bits of yarn in lots of different colours and textures using many sizes of needles.
• If you just want to knit and let someone else do the decorating that’s fine.
• The size, colour, or design of the finished item is not critical.
• There’s a big and growing demand for people with dementia, although not urgently because they cannot be delivered at the moment (at the request of the hospital).
• There is no deadline for this project




You will need:
• Rubber matting
• Sweatshirt/fleece fabric cut into 3 x 20 cm strips
We can supply everything if required
Please email for the instructions. Many of the Tadcaster Brownies and Beavers have already done this so they will be experts.
• Very easy and therapeutic to do. Can be made with very little skill from the age of 3 to 103(-ish).
• Great to learn how to tie knots
• Can be made more challenging by introducing attractive colour combinations and patterns
• Help to reduce stress and provide mental stimulation to animals such as dogs who can look for treats hidden in them.
• We need to pay for the rubber matting so please ensure you make a donation if you decide to keep what you make.
• There is no deadline for this project, please hang on to what you make until the drop-in sessions start again at The Barn.




Personal effects Bags and
Tote Bags


You will need:
• Light to medium weight fabric
• Thread
• Sewing machine, scissors, and tape measure.
We can supply fabric and thread.
Please email for instructions.
• Suitable for people with basic sewing abilities and above
• Personal effects bags are given to St Leonard’s Hospice so that patients’ property can be returned to bereaved relatives
• Tote bags allow hospital patients to carry personal belongings easily as they move around the ward.
• Sizes can be varied and adapted to suit the fabric available.
• There is no deadline for these projects, please hang on to what you make until the drop-in sessions start again at The Barn.








Scrubs and more complex sewing projects


If you would like to join the team making scrubs etc and are confident using your sewing machine please email tadcrafters@outlook.com and to be put in touch with Sandra, the co-ordinator.

We have been working in partnership with the Boston Spa Scrubbers and also some of our YorKits friends in the York Scrubs group, both of which are liaising directly with hospitals to ensure a supply of the right design, quality and sizes required. This project is likely to come to a close soon but we intend to introduce another project suitable for more skilful sewers.



Premature baby clothes

Martin House Children’s Hospice has recently asked us to make new-born and premature baby clothes. Please use your own preferred pattern. It will be possible to supply some yarn but the quality might be different from what your pattern requires, but please be as specific as possible when making a request. There’s also a number of knitting and crochet patterns for facemasks for personal use on the internet.

A range of free patterns including the pictures above can be found here:

What you make will be collected in and donated to Martin House or one of the  Baby Banks after the lockdown, unless urgently needed before then.

Teddies are also required for Home Start York, helping young families requiring support.