Supporting a range of charities and worthy causes whilst promoting craft skills

What We Do

Tadcrafters make items, mainly from recycled materials, which are donated to worthy causes.
We support a range of charities and other organisations whilst helping people to learn new craft skills and develop a social network of people in and around Tadcaster.
We help people to appreciate the importance and benefit of craft activities to help them relax. In an era where most things can be purchased cheaply due to manufacturing it is often forgotten that the process of making an item by hand can be rewarding in itself. Knitting, sewing, woodworking and other crafts are effective mindfulness techniques and have proved to be very beneficial in tackling stress and depression. In addition to this, receiving a hand-made gift is so much more personal, and this appreciation is also very rewarding.
There are many worthy organisations who benefit from the support of Tadcrafters, examples include:

  • We make patient property bags for St. Leonard’s Hospice.  The bags are used to return patient’s belongings to their bereaved relatives.
  • We make insect hotels and hedgehog lodges for local wildlife
  • We make washable feminine Hygiene kits that are taken to girls in developing countries so that they can attend school when they are menstruating and therefore have access to better education.
  • We make twiddlemuffs which are given to organisations such as care homes and hospitals.  These can be very calming for people with dementia.
  • We make heart shaped cushions, and drain bags,  which provide practical support for patients who have had breast surgery
  • We  facilitate workshops with groups within the community such as local primary schools, Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and the general public to make lanterns
  • We have gardening projects to improve the local environment
  • We make snufflemats to give animals greater mental stimulation whilst at the dogs Trust or RSPCA
  • We support appeals by charities such as the British Legion and Marie Curie by making flowers to raise their profile for them to attract greater donations
  • We make blankets for Age UK at York Hospital so that patients who are admitted in only their night clothes have something to keep them warm on the journey home.
  • We make bunting to support local events such as the 2 miles we made for the Tour de Yorkshire when it came to Tadcaster in 2017
  • We help people to press apples to make apple juice so they don’t go to waste
  • We support local events such as the lantern Parade in February
  • We collect donated fabric, yarn and haberdashery that can be re-used including some excess fabric from interior design companies
  • We collect “gently worn” bras to send to countries where underwear is a sign of status, reducing the likelihood of abuse.

October 2019

We started our TadGrafters group who recycle wood to make things like insect hotels and hedgehog lodges for local wildlife.


September 2019

We have now donated over 2000 bras to “Smalls for All” to literally support women in developing countries!



September 2019

We helped to decorate Tadcaster with around a mile of bunting to welcome the UCI World Road Cycling Championships which was distributed around local businesses and public areas.


August 2019

We sent 224 heart cushions and 74 matching drain bags to St. James Hospital, Leeds over the 12 months.

“On Wednesday I was in St James hospital having a mastectomy a very dark day for me!
After a long gruelling day I was presented with a shoulder cushion and what a lovely
Surprise it was and I decided to write to you  to say thank you
You made such a difference. It is pretty and practical and has been my constant companion”

“Your efforts make a very difficult time more bearable”

“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you…. I was unfortunately recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy … at St James’ hospital. I was given a heart pillow and a drain bag by my breast care nurse the day after surgery… This pillow is still my best friend and it goes everywhere with me. Could you please pass on my upmost gratitude to all the kind sewers who make these items. The pillow not only provides comfort to my scar but also to my soul as it’s caught a few tears.”

Patients at St. James hospital


May/June 2019

We have recently given snufflemats to the RSPCA in York, Hearing Dogs, and The Dogs Trust in Leeds.

“Thank you for the wonderful snuffle mats you brought us today.
I know the dogs will love sniffing out treats from them! I have attached a couple of images of one of our dogs enjoying one this afternoon. Bailey was kept entertained for quite some time!
Thank you again for thinking of our dogs. It really is appreciated.”

Media Assistant (Leeds and Manchester), Dogs Trust

Photo 05-06-2019, dogs trust Bailey

The Tadcaster Beavers helped us to make them


March/April 2019

We made over 200 knitted and crocheted daffodils that were donated to the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal which helped them raise funds in our area to care for people with a terminal illness.



February 2019

We sent 71 Patient Property bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice


February 2019

We facilitated and ran a number of lantern making workshops so that many people could participate in the Tadcaster Lantern Parade. An estimated 400-500 people took part.




November 2018

We made over 3500 knitted and crocheted poppies which were displayed in the Riley Smith Hall, around the memorial and the fabulous display at Selby Abbey. We certainly did our bit towards the WW1 Centenary Commemorations.



November 2018

We helped 1st Tadcaster Brownies make a snufflemat each which were delivered to The Dogs Trust in Leeds, and RSPCA in York. The girls really enjoyed reusing old school and brownie uniforms to make them.



October 2018

Tadcrafters featured live on Radio York Breakfast show with Joanita Mussisi to celebrate the 60th birthday of Blue Peter.


October 2018

Tadcrafters won the Yorkshire Post’s Rural Awards Community Group of the Year. All our hard work for worthy causes and contribution to the community has been recognised across Yorkshire.



October 2018

Ingleby Drive Pumping Station Garden area was planted earlier this year with seeds from the “Grow wild project” (www.growwilduk.com) has looked spectacular. The resulting seeds will be harvested and used on the rest of the plot along with other donated seeds.



October 2018

Days for Girls
22 lovely Days for Girls kits were sent to Kenya in September.

“Please pass on our thanks to all the people who have had an input into providing these (kits) whether by sewing or donating towards the other items in the kits. This particular batch will be going to class 7 girls (13 year olds) at Kampi Ya Samaki Primary School in the Lake Baringo area of Kenya. The kits will be delivered personally by a group of us who are travelling to Kenya at the end of October this year and will help girls to attend school every day of the month and hopefully not fall behind the boys in academic achievement.

Beryl, Secretary, Friends of Meisori School, Kenya.



September 2018

We know that the things we make can make a big difference to people’s lives but It’s always lovely to hear from people who appreciate our work. This came to the Tadcrafters mailbox this month:
“I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you, especially Lynda. I was unfortunately recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy at St James’ hospital. I was given a heart pillow and a drain bag by my breast care nurse the day after surgery, with a lovely note attached from Lynda who had made the pillow. This pillow is still my best friend and it goes everywhere with me. Could you please pass on my upmost gratitude to Lynda and all the kind sewers who make these items. The pillow not only provides comfort to my scar but also to my soul as it’s caught a few tears.”




August 2018

Tadcrafters are part of the TEMPT (Tadcaster Events Management Project Team) who have been shortlisted for a North Yorkshire County Council Volunteer of the year award. This picture shows some TEMPT bunting, made by Tadcrafters of course.



August 2018.

22 Days for Girls washable feminine hygiene kits, made entirely by Tadcrafters, set off on their journey to an entire class of year 7 girls in Kenya to arrive later this year.


In August 2018 we received this message after another 33 heart cushions and 8 drain bags were sent to St. James’ Hospital in Leeds:

Hi Tadcrafters, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you, especially Lynda. I was unfortunately recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy” at St James’ hospital.  I was given a heart pillow and a drain bag by my breast care nurse the day after surgery, with a lovely note attached from Lynda who had made the pillow.  This pillow is still my best friend and it goes everywhere with me. Could you please pass on my upmost gratitude to Lynda and all the kind sewers who make these items.  The pillow not only provides comfort to my scar but also to my soul as it’s caught a few tears.”




The gardening project at Ingleby Drive Pumping station is blooming. August 2018




Another 23 personal effects bags were donated to St. Leonard’s Hospice in August 2018

We have now donated over 200 bags in the last year.

We love them all !!!!!…the pomegranate fabric was amazing !!!!!

I have given Jenny one of our social workers the drawstring bags for her work in pre bereavement with children and young people, she loves the bright screen print style bags !!!!”
Matron, St. Leonard’s Hospice, August 2018


Another 8 Blankets and scarves donated to Age UK at York Hospital to provide warmth to people being transported home. August 2018


Poppy wall hangings being prepared for the WW1 100 year commemorations coming up in November.

As part of the Tadcaster Arts Festival in July we had a visit from Neil, who runs wood-turning courses from his workshop in York.  He kindly allowed Tadcrafters to try their hand at making light pulls and the bodies for stitch unpickers.  (www.workerinwood.co.uk)


April 2018-

These heart-shaped cushions are given to the breast surgery outpatients ward.

They give comfort and security to women who have surgery and provide protection from bumps when out and about during their recovery.

A cushion is worn under the arm pit supported by the shoulder strap which is  worn across the body.

The first batch of 30 went to St. James’ hospital in Leeds in April 2018


April 2018-

Often patients arrive at hospital in their nightclothes or other light clothing and don’t have anything else with them when they are returned home by Age UK, York. 21 blankets, 9 scarf/hat sets and 6 scarves were donated to Age UK York in April 2018.

“Thank you and all the rest of the Tadcrafters for such a marvellous effort! Please pass on my thanks and compliments to everyone who was involved with this.”

James Player  Deputy Chief Officer, Age UK, York.

…a very big thank you to all of you –the blankets and squares we are receiving are amazing  !

They are put to very good use to people who need a little warmth and /or comfort on their travels home..

They have been so gratefully received –I only wish you could see some of the faces when the patient knows they can keep the blanket –priceless !!

Many thanks and please, please do keep knitting …

Bev Ward, Home From Hospital Organiser, Age UK York, York District Hospital

April 2018-

People and organisations that donate items are essential participants in the Tadcrafters activities.

These gorgeous fabrics were donated by Vanilla Interiors in Tadcaster in April 2018


April 2018-

We sometimes have some unusual projects that are suitable for our more skilled crafters. These are 3 of 4 donkeys that were donated in April 2018 to the “Donkey Sanctuary.”

Thank you so much for the four beautiful knitted donkeys which arrived safely in their wonderful packing. I love their bright colours and kind faces.  I am sure they will sell quickly and the money raised go towards keeping all our donkeys safe and healthy.”- Community fundraising team,

The Donkey Sanctuary

March 2018-

Thank you for our last delivery. The cheeky bumble bee charms are beautiful !

Ann and the gang at St Leonards Hospice



March 2018-

We make Snuffle mats to be donated to rescue homes like the Dogs’ Trust so that animals have stimulating activities and treats.

Animals such as dogs and cats will be more relaxed if they have worked their brain hard. Giving them a job or a challenge can also help prevent problem behaviours, such as barking from boredom, stealing items to chew and hyperactivity.

The first 4 snufflemats were donated to The Dogs Trust in Leeds in March 2018


February 2018- Tadcrafters contributed to 20 Days for Girls kits that arrived in Kenya

January/February 2018- Tadcrafters held workshops at Riverside School, Rainbows and with the general public for children and grown-ups to make over 300 lanterns for the 2018 Lantern Parade

January 2018 – We had an extra session to finish off the poppies for Selby Abbey

January 2018 – 5 blankets and 4 twiddlemuffs were given to Highfields Care home


December 2017

In conjunction with Tadcaster Library we made and distributed boxes for every day of Advent to help promote local businesses.  We called it TAdvent.

December 2017

We took part in the Methodists’ Christmas tree Festival and held a stall at the Christmas Market





November 2017

We supported the St. James’ Hospital, Leeds breast outpatients’ department by having a stall at their fundraising for spa days event.



November 2017.

1048 “gently worn” bras were sent to Smalls for All which is a Scottish Charity which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa. They help those living in orphanages, slums, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, schools and hospitals. http://smallsforall.org/



“Your latest bundle is amazing !!! I have given our social work team a number of small bags now for special little pre bereavement items and the rather luxurious purple silk draw string bags are with her for the next people/youngsters or children who we will meet”

Ann Cairns, Matron, St. Leonard’s Hospice (Nov 2017)

We were joined by Adam Tomlinson from Radio York who broadcast for two hours from our November 2017 drop-in session to help promote their “Knit for North Yorkshire” scarf knitting appeal.



In November 2017 Tadcrafters were voted  Silver in the Inspirational Business Category of the Minster FM Listener Choice Awards.


In November 2017 Tadcrafters won NYCC Volunteer of the Year . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUKY-r-y5Ng


October 2017.  Lynne ran a workshop in Skipton with a  women’s community group


In Autumn 2017 many different groups of people helped us with the poppy display for the Selby Abbey end of WW1 commemorations in 2018 including people at the Community Discovery Day and the 2434 Church Fenton Squadron Air Cadets.


In October 2017 we donated 30 personal effects bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice. These bags are used to hand back a patient’s belongings to their bereaved relatives.


In October 2017 we celebrated TadApple Day by organising a community event to press lots of apples into apple juice.


In October 2017 we celebrated International Day f the Girl with pupils from across York  (and Brazil!) and Days for Girls as an event in york Minster.


In October 2017 we assisted at a Days for Girls workshop at Manor School.  Pupils later visited Malawi and taught pupils there how to make the kits for themselves.

In September 2017 we supported the amazing Issy Sanderson and York Days for Girls at TSYS “Thread” group, a workplace crafting group in York.

In August 2017 we donated lots of Personal effects bags to York Hospital and St. Leonard’s Hospice

img_20170810_103211.jpg IMG_20170810_105013

We have featured in videos about the Tour de Yorkshire and its legacy.

We supported the launch of the York Hospital Dementia Appeal and their twiddlemuff making session.


We are recycling our Tour De Yorkshire bunting as much as possible. About 1000m is being sent to Goa, India to decorate 16 street schools and over 50m has gone to Worcester Snoezelen

The knitted bunting is being remade into twiddlemuffs and fabric from the giant bunting is being cut up to be used in the Days for Girls hygiene kits.



We decorated Tadcaster ready for the Tadcaster start of the Tour de Yorkshire on Saturday 29th April 2017 (using as much recycled and donated fabric as possible) to promote local businesses and support the community.

We co-ordinated other decorations and community events in Tadcaster for the TdY/Tadcaster Cycling Festival in April 2017.



We collect “gently worn” bras that are sent to  developing countries where the wearing of underwear is a symbol of status for women and therefore they are less likely to be victims of abuse. In July 2017 we had collected over 800.


We have donated woolly hats and premature baby clothes that will go to help Syrian refugees in Greece and projects in Gambia.


We supported Days for Girls in York Minster to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th 2017


We’ve done some schmoozing with some famous people including Sir Gary Verity and Christian Prudhomme from the Tour de Yorkshire, and Nigel Adams, our local MP.

We got a like from Comedian Susan Calman and a round of applause from the audience at her show


We made lanterns (in conjunction with Faceless Arts) as part of the bridge re-opening celebration parade on 19th February 2017



We have made poppies for the Cenataph in Tadcaster and to sell to support the poppy appeal. We will be supporting the Selby Abbey poppy display for the 2018 commemorations.


We make Twiddlemuffs and blankets which are donated to residential care homes such as Highfields in Barkston Ash, York Hospital and private individuals. Twiddlemuffs are calming for people with dementia.

We make feminine hygiene kits for Days for Girls (York) which are sent to places such as Gambia, Nepal, Pakistan, India and some UK inner cities. We use donated fabric, much of which would otherwise be thrown away. (e.g. we made 112 shields and 294 liners for kits that went out to Gambia in November 2016).  Days for Girls in York also seed fund workshops for women in developing countries and support refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

We have supplied knitted clothes to the premature baby unit at the LGI.  (October 2016)

We decorated Tadcaster in preparation for the Tour de Yorkshire 2016 recycling many donated sheets and duvet covers. (April 2016)


We started by decorating the approaches to the temporary foot bridge (Sonny’s Bridge) (February 2016)



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